Customized tube production

egyedi cső 1>We can offer you special (heavy) tubes out of standards, the min. order quantity depends on the quality and exact sizes.

Production facilities with extrusion technology (longitudional welded tubes): Ø 406,4-2000 mm outside diameter, legth: 2000-15100 mm, wall thickness: 8-101 mm.

Production facilities with rolling technology (longitudional welded tubes): Ø Ø 1000-4500 mm, lenght: 1000-3500 mm, wall thickness: 10-130 mm



Customised and unique welded and seamless hydraulic tubes made with core punching technology for honed and non-honed types till 1600 mm OD and till 22 m length especially suitable for energy, oil & gas, machinery, water technology and material handling processes.


MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 Tanúsított cég EN ISO 9001:2009 certified company


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