OCTG (oil, gas, petrochemical tubes), tubes suitable for conducting combustible materials

We deal with our OCTG tubes (so called tubes suitable for conducting flammable materials) mainly for the petrochemical oil and gas industry for big and smaller line pipe, maintenance project sin spirally welded and longitudinally welded typs. Thes eproducts can be cominated with isolation and coatings.

Size assortment: Ø 21,3-3500 mm

Standards: EN 10208-1, EN 10208-2

Qualities: L245MB/NB, L290MB/NB, L360 MB/NB, L290 NB/MB, L415 NB/MB, L210GA, L235GA, L245GA, L290GA, L360GA

Lenghts: 4-13 (20) m





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