Tube fittings

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Elbows, bottoms, reducers with customized sizes as well.

Our company could provide You different quality tube parts elbows, bottoms, reducers, flanges for special and general purposes and for special requriments like grade and bending radial. In case of these tube parts we mainly focus on the special qualitis like boiler and low temperature qualitis, stainless qualitis. We also deal with special, customised sizes. Please send Your demand to us!

Size assortment from 3/8″ till the maximim producable and transportable sizes.

Standards: DIN 2605, DIN 2616,  Standards: DIN 2605, DIN 2616

Qualities: E235, E355, E355K2, E470, E420J2, E590K2, E730K2, 30CrMo4, 42CrMo4, 16MnCrS5, C22E, C22R, C25E, C25R, C30R, C30E, C35Em C35R, C40E, C40R, C45R, C45E, C50E, C50R,C55E, C55R, P195TR1, P195TR2, P235TR1, P235TR2, P265TR1, P235TR2, P265TR1, P265TR2, P355N, P460N, P355NH, P460NH, P275NL1, P355NL1, P460NL1, P275NL2, P355NL2, P460NL2, P215NL, P265NL

In case of tube fittings we can supply customised sizes, bending radius.

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