Wires and strands

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    • stabilized prestressing wire

    • cold drawn wire

    • cold drawn prestressing wire

    • steel wire fibre

    • stabilized prestressing strand

These products are available in accordance with  following standards:

stabilized prestressing wire: EN 10138-2:2005 (also GOST, ASTM, BS, NEN, ÖNORM B)
cold drawn presteresing wire: Euronorm 138-79 (also ÖNORM B)
strands: EN 10138-3 (also ASTM, BS, NBN I, NEN, ÖNORM, DIN, UNI, GOST)

Application of prestressing wires and strands:

for concrete application:

  • hollow-core slabs
  • beam bridges
  • lintels
  • railway sleepers
  • piles

for steel wire fibres:
(Steel wire fibres used for high enegry absorption and toughness of concrete is needed.)

  • industrial floors
  • tunne linings
  • concrete pipes
  • shafts
  • precast concrete
  • concrete piles
  • fire and seismic resistant concrete structures.



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